Consortium for Permafrost Ecosystems in Transition (CPET)

W.L. Quinton, Cold Regions Research Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University


Executive Summary
Climate warming in the southern Taiga Plains ecoregion of northwestern Canada has led to unprecedented rates of permafrost thaw and a myriad of land-cover changes with uncertain impacts on hydrology. As a result there is growing uncertainty in regards to the future availability of water resources in this region. This report synthesises key findings of CPET’s hydrology field studies and remote sensing analyses of land-cover change in the southern Taiga Plains to improve the understanding of the trajectory of land-cover change in this region and how such change can be expected to influence water flow and storage processes.

Final Report

NSERC Report

# 13-AU-WIPC-02 / 15-AU-WIPC-01 / 16-WIPC-06