Over the last 25 years, PTAC has helped to significantly improve the environmental, safety, and financial performance of the oil and gas industry through the facilitation of innovative and collaborative research and technology development. The more you participate (e.g. funding, committees, site access, communications), the more you benefit from our collaborative research.

We do this in collaboration with:
180+ members – Producers, Service & Supply, Governments, Regulators, SMEs, R&D Providers, Transporters
250 industry experts from member companies driving projects

Together we have accomplished:
690+ projects completed; 100+ projects underway
600+ PTAC events, Technology development updates, best practices, smart regulations and policies, collaborative workshops
Leveraging funds 5:1.
Know that:

Industry sets PTAC’s priorities to

  • Address industry challenges
  • Capture opportunities

Governments and regulators use PTAC research to

  • Identify issues to address social acceptance, permitting, and compliance
  • Smart policies and regulations


PTAC provides significant value for your membership fees. As a quick reference, those benefits include the following:


  1. Funding for
    • Foundational environmental research
    • Best operating practices guidelines – to maximize effectiveness and minimize cost
    • Technology field trials
    • Technology development
    • Third-party validation of technology performance
    • Deployment de-risking
  2. Networking – for technology updates and business development
  3. Technical committee engagements – working with industry and government colleagues to develop solutions to address knowledge gaps
  4. Knowledge transfers – through general and customized presentations
  5. Event fee discounts
  6. More effective policies and regulations – support for the development of better energy policies and regulations
  7. Export market support program


Members receive a number of direct benefits, plus the indirect benefit of having a cost effective and productive research facilitator through PTAC. Your membership is important to us. If you or your colleagues want to discuss any aspects of the membership further, even unique new services, contact us at [email protected]