PTAC Impact

    • Support the development of technologies to help reduce methane emissions by the oil and gas sector.
    • Completed over 500 applied research environmental management projects, with 40 dedicated to detecting methane emissions.
    • STV and MCP consortia provide up to 75% cost coverage for equipment and installation to encourage adoption.
    • Tens of technologies support the reduction of GHG emissions while reducing industry costs.
    • Completed 55 assessments with financial assistance from NRC-IRAP and launched 20 consortia to help SMEs achieve economic prosperity.
    • AUPRF’s 48 Multi-Disciplinary Research Projects (19 launched, 7 completed, and an additional 22 ongoing) addressing Air, Ecological, Remediation/Reclamation, Water, and Well Abandonment.
    • Supporting the capacity to reduce methane emissions consistent with government policies and regulations.

Focus Areas

  • Reducing Costs

  • Managing Environmental Impacts

  • Improving Oil & Gas Recovery

  • Improving Value Added Products

  • Towards a Low Carbon Hydrocarbon Economy