Intelligent Methane Monitoring and Mitigation System (IM3S) Steering Committee

The centerpiece of IM3S is a new modelling system to develop and evaluate the cost and mitigation potential of different combinations of technologies and methods in Alternative Fugitive Emissions Management Programs (Alt-FEMP). The modelling approach links site context, leak characteristics, and performance metrics to build cost-effective leak detection programs, and allows those programs to adjust over time, based on the backpropagation of field data. The outcome is a tool for regulators and industry to develop, optimize, track, and adapt Alt-FEMPs. IM3S integrated modelling, controlled testing, and field trials, and included four main elements: (1) Model development to inform controlled release testing protocols, (2) Controlled release testing to provide input data for modelling to characterize technology and method performance, (3) Model simulations to estimate the ratio of cost to emissions mitigation potential and to adapt programs based on the backpropagation of data from field deployment, and (4) Field trials to verify operational performance and to refine model parameterizations.

The Project developed new knowledge and tools to design, simulate, and evaluate the performance of AltFEMPs. The main technical work focused on improvements to the Leak Detection and Repair Simulator (LDARSim), an open-source modelling system for simulating Alt-FEMPs, and increased accessibility so users can run simulations online via standard web browsers. Full deployment of the Project technology is expected to result in a reduction of 19 million tonnes per year of GHG emissions. This project was completed in 2023.


IM3S Steering Committee Members

Name Company Name
Chris Hugenholtz University of Calgary
Claude Ghazar Alberta Innovates
Jessica Shumlich Highwood Environmental Management
Richelle Foster Canadian Natural
Thomas Fox Highwood Environmental Management