Hydropti is a web-based software system that has been designed to support the efficient allocation of water resources for hydraulic fracturing operations. Hydropti is an innovative decision support software tool that has been designed to help the oil & gas industry identify optimal water management strategies for hydraulic fracturing operations. The tool implements powerful optimization algorithms to explore all permutations in the system and identifies the lowest cost water management plan.


Surface Water Diversion Learning Portal
Widely used by the oil and gas industry, the eLearning tool now also includes diversion from groundwater sources and current regulatory requirements.

After completing the course, users will be able to:

      • Communicate the potential impacts of water diversion on a body of water,
      • Discuss the appropriate approvals required for water diversion and associated activities, and
      • Describe how to execute your role in monitoring, compliance and reporting.


Alberta Water Tool
The Alberta Water Tool is a point-and-click tool that helps scientists, industry explorers, communities and government decision-makers to understand accurate, real-time information about water resources in Alberta. The Alberta Water Tool has been supported by AUPRF enabling it to be free for anyone to use and explore. Listen to this free webinar about the Alberta Water Tool.


AER Tools Application Software
AERtools is a collection of spreadsheet and application programs created for air quality professionals for the calculation of source parameters and ground level concentrations.  The tools were created based upon state-of-the-art engineering considerations of thermodynamics, energy balance, mass balance and practical application of these principles for use with current air dispersion models and methods.


Condenser App
A software Application which can accurately predict the benzene emissions reductions in condensing equipment. This Application can be widely applied in industry, incorporating sound engineering principles and underlying calculations including validation with accurate field measurements, utilizing a clear and comprehensive interface.


Hydrocarbon Calculator

Presentation on the Hydrocarbon Calculator