Our Mission

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) is a neutral, not-for-profit association dedicated to managing and facilitating innovation, cooperative research, technology advancement, demonstration, and implementation for a responsible Canadian hydrocarbon energy industry.

Our Vision

To help Canada become a global hydrocarbon energy technology leader.

Our Purpose

Manage and facilitate collaborative research and technology advancements for the collective benefit of all participants in the Canadian hydrocarbon energy industry by:

  1. Enhancing awareness of cutting-edge technological solutions that effectively address industry challenges.
  2. Cultivating an innovation ecosystem that brings together stakeholders to identify challenges, explore opportunities, and collaboratively initiate projects to tackle them.
  3. Encouraging active industry involvement in research, technology development, lab and field testing, demonstration, commercialization, and deployment by assisting in securing funding from diverse sources
  4. Facilitating the adoption of commercial technologies from industrial sectors and jurisdictions to the hydrocarbon energy industry
  5. Advocate for the implementation of innovative and effective business practices for hydrocarbon systems