DEEPP Distributed Energy Efficiency Projects Platform

PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada

May 23, 2017


Executive Summary

The objective of the DEEPP Project was to build and deliver a streamlined technology solution to overcome the challenges associated with the development, aggregation, tracking and financing of distributed oil and gas energy efficiency projects. This included:

• Providing the oil and gas industry with an effective tool to manage energy efficiency assets and to quantify the value performance of each asset in terms of fuel gas savings and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions avoided;
• Accelerating additional energy efficiency investments by industry that will further reduce GHG emissions;
• Providing reporting transparency to government for purposes of quantifying GHG offsets;
• Providing governments with an analytical tool to understand overall industry energy efficiency performance;
• Providing easy online access to existing best practices;
• Identifying trends and top performers to extract new best practices;
• Improving the overall energy efficiency performance of the Canadian oil and gas sector.


Final Report – Phase 2b