Frost Heave Effects on Pipeline Exposure Rates

Stantec Consulting Ltd.

November 3, 2014


Executive Summary

Pipeline abandonment refers to permanently taking a pipeline out of service. Depending on a number of factors, sections of pipeline may be removed or abandoned in place as short or long segments. After pipeline abandonment, frost heave has the potential to cause pipeline exposure. The rate and importance of this mechanism is thought to depend on frost depth, soil type and available moisture. No information appears to be available in the literature pertaining to this geohazard and its ability to expose a pipeline once abandoned. This study Stantec was commissioned by the PTAC Pipeline Abandonment Research Steering Committee (PARSC) to better understand frost heave and its potential for causing exposure of abandoned pipe segments, particularly in southern Canadian croplands traversed by transmission pipelines. This study is a first step in bridging this knowledge gap.


Final Report

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