Numerical Modelling of Mobile Submerged Combustion Vaporizer

Saskatchewan Research Council

November 2015


Executive Summary

The Submerged Combustion Vaporizer (SCV) is a mobile system that converts produced water into a single stream of high quality steam and flue gas. It has been designed by Combustion Solutions of Squamish, BC. It will be tested for thermal EOR in conventional heavy oil (CHOPS).

SCV is a technology for generating steam with a high thermal efficiency while using produced water. Steam generation takes place by direct contact (no heat transfer surface subject to fouling). The output is high quality steam combined with flue gas (primarily nitrogen and CO2). The technology has been designed and packaged by Combustion Solutions into 3 highway-transportable trailers. The system can be deployed at sites without the need for steam pipes and can be moved to other sites relatively easily.

A PTAC field trial joint implementation project (JIP) is being formed. Total cost is estimated at approximately $4.3 million and the field trial would take place in 2015. The cost per participant will be stage-gated, so that amounts are committed one stage at a time depending on the successful progress of the project. A test CHOPS well, preferably in Saskatchewan is also being sought from JIP participants.


Final Report