Review of Recent PARSC Pipeline Abandonment Research


March 4, 2019


Executive Summary

The objective of this study was to review the 2010 “Pipeline Abandonment Scoping Study” conducted by DNV and determine if the recommendations for potential future research projects identified in the 2010 study have been addressed by PARSC’s work to date and if not, what scope elements of the 2010 study remain to be addressed and why. On 31 October 2018 DET NORSKE VERITAS (CANADA) LTD. (Hereinafter Called “DNV GL”) was awarded the contract to conduct “PARSC 018 – Review of Recent PARSC Pipeline Abandonment Research”.

The current review was limited to determining whether each of the specific 2010 recommendations have been addressed by work conducted under PARSC contracts. No additional literature reviews or development of new/amended recommendations was conducted. It should be noted that only successful proposals, not final reports, were available for work related to items “3.6 Cleaning Methods and Disposal of Cleaning Fluids” and “3.12 Evaluate Success of Previous Pipeline Abandonment Programs”. It was assumed that the final reports for these areas will address the issues outlined in the proposals.

Generally, the work completed under the PARSC contracts has addressed or partially addressed the recommendations included in the 2010 Pipeline Abandonment Scoping Study. For the most part, the additional work required to fully address the recommendations would require longer term field testing and coordination of field testing and predictive models. Details of the DNV GL review including the identification of gaps in meeting key requirements of the original Scoping Study and reasons why the gaps exist, are included in Section 3 of this report.


Final Report